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New Friends

Thank you for your interest. I definitely feel very flattered yet also privileged to perhaps make a new friend!

Due to my limited availability and overwhelming amount of booking requests, I have decided to make my site private. Below is what I would like to have, before we get further. Please understand that it is imperative you provide screening information in order to view my site and private areas.  I do understand if you decide this is not for you and I respect your decision!

Any information you provide stays private. I will do my screening as soon as possible. My response may be 1hr to 72 hours. All depending on how quick your references reply or if I am in travels.

Thanks so much!

Hope to get acquainted with you sooner than later! 



Step 1:  To enter the site you have to get screened.  Please fill out the Screening Form Below.

Step 2: I will need some time to perform my due diligence, verify your information and correspond with your references.

Step 3:  Once you have been screened, and I will let you know via email, PLEASE submit your Membership request (submit email and create your own password) for me to approve.  After you're approved, your login and password will work and you can enter the Site!

Please know its almost impossible to honor the same day inquiries. It is very difficult to screen a new friend properly without advance notice. It is equally hard to schedule a nice relaxed enjoyable date if timing is not well planned.

Thanks for your time


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